Rules of Conduct

State Court of Bibb County

Rules of Conduct for Online Court

When you participate in Online Court, you are attending Court, which is a serious and solemn proceeding.  Your conduct should be the same as if you were present in the courtroom. These Rules apply to all participants in Online Court.

Before your Court Session:

  • Download the Zoom app ( to your laptop, tablet, or smart phone and create an account.
  • Test the Zoom app to make sure your audio and video work.
  • Find a location with sufficient internet/WiFi for your device to work during the court session.
  • If you encounter technical problems, contact the Judges’ Chambers (478-310-3637) immediately.
  • Join the assigned Zoom meeting, which you can do by clicking on the link in your invitation, at least five (5) minutes before the time of your Court Session. You will be placed in a waiting room. Do not exit the Zoom meeting or walk away from your device. You will be admitted when the Court is ready to hear your case.

During you Court Session:

  • Dress as you would to attend Court in person. No hats or headcovers (unless for religious purposes).
  • You must participate with audio and video.
  • You should be seated or standing (not lying down or driving) where you can be seen on the video.
  • You should be in a well-lit space.
  • You should not come and go during the Court session. You should remain where your face can be seen.
  • No one should be present or positioned in a way they can disrupt the proceedings.
  • You may not text, talk to third parties, surf the internet, email, or do anything which is a distraction.
  • Make sure device is fully charged so there is no interruption in your participation.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Court session.
  • No smoking or vaping.
  • No use of profanity.
  • You may not record the proceedings, unless you have complied with Rule 22 of the Uniform Rules for Superior/State Courts. The Court will be recording the proceedings.

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