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I received a copy of the Accusation(s) filed against me. I understand the Court has a Standing Order – Criminal Cases which is available in the Clerk’s Office, the Solicitor’s Office, and on the Court’s website, Having made my election as to representation by an attorney, I now enter this plea. I am fully aware that upon a not guilty plea, I have the right to a trial, either before a jury or the Court, at which trial I would enjoy the presumption of innocence and the State would be required to prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The State would seek to do this by calling witnesses to testify against me, and I would have the right to confront and cross-examine (ask questions of) those witnesses. I would have the right to present evidence at my trial by calling witnesses, and the Court will issue subpoenas to those witnesses if I need help getting them to come to court. I have the right to testify at my trial, in which case the prosecutor can cross-examine me, but I also have the right NOT to testify or incriminate myself in any way. I understand if I plead guilty, I waive (give up) these rights to a trial. If I am not a citizen of the United States, I understand a conviction may affect my immigration status. I understand I have a right to appeal, within thirty days of my sentencing. I understand a conviction on certain offenses may affect my driver’s license or right to possess a firearm. I also understand any habeas corpus petition challenging the legality of a conviction must be filed within one year from the date of sentence pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 9-14-42 (six months for traffic offenses).

ARRAIGNMENT: An arraignment is a separate court appearance at which the Judge will read your charges to you and review your rights, which are outlined on the documents provided to you.

() I hereby waive formal arraignment.
() GUILTY PLEA (or plea of nolo contendere): I knowingly and voluntarily waive (give up) my right to a trial and plead GUILTY (or nolo contendere). I fully understand my rights, the charge(s) against me, and the consequences of my plea, including the maximum penalty which is up to twelve (12) months in jail and a fine of $1000 (or $5000 for a “high and aggravated misdemeanor”), as well as any mandatory minimum sentences which may apply to me. I did what I am charged with doing in the Accusation(s). No promises or threats have been made by anyone to get me to enter this plea. Other than a sentence recommendation, which I understand is not binding on the Court, I have not been informed what sentence will be imposed. I understand I must follow the conditions of any probated or suspended sentence imposed on me, and I may spend time in jail if I fail to comply. I understand, if I qualify, I can request first offender treatment under O.C.G.A. § 42-8-60, but I cannot be sentenced as a first offender more than once.
() NOT GUILTY PLEA: I plead NOT GUILTY to the charge(s) against me and request a NON-JURY TRIAL. I knowingly and voluntarily waive (give up) my right to a trial before a jury of six citizens of Bibb County who would hear the evidence and law and decide if I am guilty or not guilty. I want my case to be heard and decided by the Judge acting without a jury.
() NOT GUILTY PLEA: I plead NOT GUILTY to the charge(s) against me and request a JURY TRIAL.
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Upon inquiry in this case as required by law, the Court finds the Defendant entered this plea freely and voluntarily and, to the extent of any waiver, the Defendant waived his/her/their rights with a full understanding of those rights and of the charges against him/her/them. If a guilty plea, the Court further finds there to be a factual basis for the plea.

SO ORDERED the date above referenced.