Criminal Case Information

The criminal jurisdiction of the State Court of Bibb County includes misdemeanors under Georgia Law and violations of the Macon-Bibb County Code of Ordinances. If you have criminal charges against you in the State Court of Bibb County, you have a number of rights.  These rights are explained in the “Rights Video,” and you should watch the video to learn about your rights before you make any decision about what you will do in your case.

Any defendant who is in a high-risk category (including over the age of 65) or has a COVID-19 related basis to be excused from Court should contact the chambers of Judge Sharell Lewis (478-310-3637), at least seventy-two (72) hours before the scheduled Court date. Please include your full name and phone number, if you leave a message. Leaving a voice mail does not relieve a defendant of the requirement to appear on the scheduled Court date. You must have received confirmation from the Judge’s Office before you are relieved from appearing. Failure to appear for a scheduled Court date may result in a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

Criminal case e-filing is available. Pleadings may be filed through PeachCourt.  (Click on the link on the website to register and file.  There is presently no cost to e-file in criminal cases.)  All lawyers and parties are encouraged to file pleadings electronically rather than in person; however, e-filing is not mandatory in criminal cases.  If you have questions or issues related to PeachCourt, go to   There is a “Need Help” prompt for you to click on their website.

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