Macon-Bibb County Certificate of Good Standing

Instructions: This Certificate is used to certify the tax compliance status of certain individuals or business entities with a connection to a person or business that is applying for or being considered for some privilege with the Macon-Bibb County Government. These privileges may include:

  • Obtaining a building permit, plat approval, building inspection report, or certificate of occupancy
  • Obtaining or renewing any alcohol or privilege license
  • Being appointed to any board or position of trust requiring confirmation of the County Commission.
  • Being awarded a contract through a formal competitive bid or proposal process
  • Being awarded a non-competitive contract over $50,000.00
  • Registering to bid on any surplus real property sold by the Macon-Bibb County Government or the Macon-Bibb County Tax Commissioner
  • Any other privilege granted by Macon-Bibb County which may require certifying tax compliance status

If AN INDIVIDUAL is applying for a privilege requiring this form, then that individual must complete this Certificate using his or her name as both the applicant and the subject.

If AN ENTITY is applying for a privilege requiring this form, then an owner or manager must complete this Certificate using the entity’s name as both the applicant and the subject; and ONE ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATE must be completed FOR EACH individual identified as an owner in the entity’s Certificate.

FOR BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND ENTITIES, if the privilege requested is a building permit, plat approval, building inspection report, certificate of occupancy, alcohol license, or other privilege license, then ONE ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATE must be completed listing the landowner of the construction site or business location as the subject.

All required completed certificates must be submitted together. Giving false, incomplete, or inaccurate information on this Certificate may result in the denial of any privilege the applicant is applying for, as well as the revocation of any privilege previously granted by Macon-Bibb County, and may constitute the crimes of false writing or false swearing, which carry a penalty of up to five years in prison and up to a $1,000 fine.

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Community Connect, which is the new online portal for Macon-Bibb County, allows us to accept permit applications and issue permits. A Contractors Account within Community Connect will allow you to: submit electronic versions of plans for review, receive approved plans back that can be printed for the jobsites, receive permits, schedule inspections, check the status of your project through the process and receive inspection comments by email and online immediately after the inspection.

To ensure that permits are issued solely to the license holder, the contractor’s account must be set up by the license holder. The license holder can direct staff within their business to manage the account and apply for permits. Other members of your team can apply for Community Member Accounts, which will allow for application submittals and other minor functions but will not be able to issue them permits. This is meant to protect your contractor’s license and to avoid potential abuse.

To request a Community Connect Contractors Account, please contact our office by emailing the following information:

  • Copy of your current Business License
  • Business owner’s name, as it appears on the license
  • Business and mailing address
  • Business phone number
  • Ga Professional License type and Ga Professional License number
  • Licensed cardholder’s email address

Please click here to learn how to apply for a permit through CommunityConnect.

For Building Permit questions, please call 478-803-0466 or email