Instructions for Jury Service

State Court of Bibb County

We hope you will find that your jury service is handled in an efficient manner and that the State Court is sensitive to your needs and comfort while you serve.  To help us provide the best experience for you, the parties, the lawyers, the witness, and the court staff, please follow these instructions:

  1. Be on time. Allow yourself plenty of time to find parking and to get through the security at the Courthouse entrance so that you can be on the 5th Floor of the Courthouse by your designated time. (See website tab on “Parking.”)
  2. Dress appropriately. You are not required to dress up, but you should not dress down either. “Business casual” is an appropriate level.  Shorts, skorts, mid-drifts, flip-flops, tank tops, halter tops, cropped blouses, clothes with holes, and pants below the waist are not appropriate.
  3. Masks. The wearing of masks or facial coverings is permitted but is not presently required.
  4. Do not bring weapons to the Courthouse. No guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, or similar items are permitted int the Courthouse.
  5. Please be patient and courteous with each other and with court staff.
  6. Avoid conversations with lawyers, parties, and witnesses involved in cases. If you recognize a lawyer, a party, a law enforcement officer, or someone else who is a potential witness, it is best not to speak to them to avoid the appearance that you may have obtained some improper information about the case.
  7. Silence your phone or turn it off.
  8. Put your phone away whenever there is any activity in the courtroom and do not check it for any reason during proceedings.
  9. If you have a need, alert a bailiff or raise your hand and let them know what you need. They will assist or will get information for you.
  10. Pay attention to all proceedings.
  11. Keep an open mind and make what you determine is a fair and impartial decision, after you hear the evidence, the arguments from the lawyers, the instructions from the Judge, and the input of the other jurors.
  12. When your jury service is complete your pay will be loaded on the debit card issued to you when you arrived for jury duty.

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