A. Invitation
1. Notice is hereby given that the Macon-Bibb County Board of Commissioners will receive sealed bids in the Procurement Department, Suite 308, Macon-Bibb Government Center, 700 Poplar Street Suite 308, Macon, Georgia 31201, until 12:00 o’clock NOON at the time legally prevailing in Macon, Georgia on Thursday, July 13, 2017 for Residential Roof Repair for Ten (10) Houses for the Macon-Bibb Economic and Community Development County, Georgia.


3. Bids will be publicly opened in the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department Conference Room on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm.

4. Minority, Women Owned and other Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are encouraged to participate in the solicitation process. Additionally, respondents are encouraged to use M/W/DBE subcontractors where possible. Small and other disadvantaged businesses requiring assistance with the competitive process can contact Dr. James Louis Bumpus, Director of Small Business Affairs at (478) 803-0366 or .

B. Bid Documents

17-044-KMB Residential Roof Repairs

Attachment A – Required Submittal Documents

Attachment B – Guidelines, Specifications and Cost Summary

1. Bid documents may be examined and obtained at the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department, Suite 308, Macon Bibb Procurement Conference Center, 700 Poplar Street Suite 308, Macon, Georgia 31201, by calling (478) 803-0554, or may be viewed and downloaded from the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Page
Georgia Procurement Registry website
Macon-Bibb County Procurement Page

C. Sealed Bids

1. Envelopes shall be identified on the outside as
                     “17-044- KMB Residential Roof Repair for Ten (10) Houses”
And delivered by hand or mailed to:
Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department
700 Poplar Street Suite 308
Macon, Georgia 31201
D. Validity

1. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after time has been called on date of bid opening.

E. Contract Award

1. The contract, if awarded, will be based on an individual basis or whichever award serves the best interest of Macon-Bibb County or the funding source.
2. Guidelines in the award of this contract will be Section 36-10-2.2, Official Code of Georgia Annotated.
3. Upon award of the Contract, a pre-construction meeting will be held to discuss the project and to establish a schedule of work.

F. Excise Taxes

1. Any material that is to be incorporated into the work of this project may be consigned to Macon-Bibb County in care of the contractor. If the shipping papers show clearly that any such materials is so consigned, the shipment shall be exempt from the tax on transportation of property under the provisions of Section 3478(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended by Public Law 180-78th Congress.
2. The Contractor shall pay all transportation charges.
3. Each bidder shall take this exemption into account in calculating his bid.


A. Definitions

1. Wherever the term “Owner”, “County”, or “Macon-Bibb County” occur in these specifications, it shall mean Macon-Bibb County, a political subdivision of the State of Georgia acting through the Macon-Bibb County Board of Commissioners.
2. Wherever the term “work” occurs in these specifications, it shall mean the work as defined herein, including, all labor, materials, equipment, transportation, and supervision necessary to complete the contract.

B. Bidder’s Representation

1. Each bidder, by making his bid, represents that he has:
a) Read and understands the bidding documents; and,
b) Visited the site and become familiar with the local conditions under which the work is to be performed.
(1) Bidders shall examine the areas wherein work of this project is to be carried out and shall take into consideration all conditions that might affect his work.
(a) Failure of the bidder to inspect firsthand the areas affected by work in this project shall not relieve him of the obligation to comply fully with the scope of the work as defined herein.
(b) No consideration will be given any claim based on lack of knowledge of existing conditions, except where the Contract Documents make definite provisions for adjustment of cost or extension of time due to existing conditions that cannot be readily ascertained.

C. Document Discrepancies

1. Should the bidder find discrepancies in, or omissions from the documents, he shall at once notify the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department.
2. Requests for Interpretations of Specifications shall be made in writing to the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department not later than five (5) days prior to receipt of bids, email preferred, to

3. Any subsequent instructions to bidders will be issued in the form of addenda to the specifications and sent to the bidder. All addenda shall be enumerated in the Bid Form.

4. All definitions set forth in the specifications are applicable to this Instruction to Bidders, the Bid Form and the proposed Contract Documents including, but not limited to, drawings, project manual, and any addenda issued prior to receipt of bids.
a) Addenda are written or graphic instruments issued prior to the execution of the Contract that may modify or interpret the bidding documents by deletion, additions, clarifications or corrections.
b) Addenda will become part of the Contract Documents when the Contract is executed.

D. Submittals

1. In order for bids to be considered, the complete bid document package shall be submitted including each of the following completed Required Submittal Documents as Attachment “A”.
a) Bid Form
b) Bidder Information Form
c) Bidder’s Qualification Form
d) List of Sub-Contractors
e) Bidder Minority Participation Goal
f) Financial & Legal Stability Statement
g) Insurability Statement
h) E-Verify Affidavit
i) Title VI – Non-Discrimination Notice

E. Reservations

1. The bidder acknowledges that Macon-Bibb County reserves full freedom (in addition to the right to reject any and all bids) in awarding bids to consider all available factors including, but not limited to, price, the provision of needed and unneeded features, usefulness to the using department and prior County experience. In addition, the bidder recognizes the right of the Owner to reject a bid if the bidder failed to furnish any required submittals on the date required by the bidding documents, or if the bid is in any way incomplete or irregular. Hence the County may award bids to other than the lowest bidder if in the judgment of the Board of Commissioners the interest of the County will be best served by award to another.