Staff Spotlight: Deo Oliver

August 5, 2022

Published by eruiz

The heat of the summer is prime time for mosquitos to get out and bother us. Thankfully, we’ve got a person and their team working most evenings to keep the bugs at bay, while keeping you and your pets safe. That, paired with a generous donation at Amerson River Park, is why Deo Oliver is this week’s Staff Spotlight.

Deo is a native Maconite who has worked as our Mosquito Coordinator in the Public Works Department for more than 8 years. The Central High School graduate has been the owner of Quick Kill Pest Services for 27 years, so bugs are his business. He uses a chemical called Bio-Mist to spray in neighborhoods all over town four nights a week, and it’s safe for people and animals while getting rid of the pesky mosquitos.

Deo is also a US Marine Veteran. His love for service permeates all he does.

“I just want to help people. My belief in life is that if you see a need, and you’re able to meet that need, then you’re obligated to do it. We’ve got to help each other out,” said Deo.

That love and desire to help his community is what led Deo to donate 12 life jackets to Amerson River Park.

“I love the river, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy it safely. I just knew I needed to do something. I love fishing at Lake Tobesofkee, playing Pickleball, walking at Amerson River Park, and enjoying all we have to offer here,” said Deo. “People try to be negative about this city, but you’re gonna get that anywhere. Macon has a certain vibe. Even if you don’t know someone, you just walk up and make new friends everywhere you go. No matter what, I just try to help people and I know this is cliche – but I just wanna make this place better and leave better for my grandkids”

Deo, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We’re proud to have you on #teammaconbibb!

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