By working with Peachtree Recovery Services, Macon-Bibb continues to collect money from insurance companies as reimbursement for damages to government property and infrastructure. In its August report, Peachtree shows it collected an additional $17,146.01 for Macon-Bibb, which is $6,029.04 more than the previous month.


Since being hired, Peachtree has reviewed reports of property damage going back to June of 2015, and so far, has been able to recover $28,741.57. There is also more than $42,000 that has been identified and requested by Peachtree for which payment has not yet been received.


“When there’s damage to curbs, signs, buildings, and more, we’re going to get it repaired as quickly as possible, and it’s great that we now have an effective process to be reimbursed for that work by insurance companies,” says County Manager Dr. Keith Moffett. “The additional funds we collect throughout the year will help our departments and crews do their much-needed work.”


“Macon-Bibb’s use of this service shows their commitment to being good stewards of public resources,” says Larry Hanson, GMA Executive Director. “Taxpayers face less of a financial burden for replacing damaged infrastructure when the government can go to the responsible party for reimbursement. We’re pleased to bring this service to our member cities and to know it is benefitting the Macon-Bibb government and community.”


The service is provided through a partnership with the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), of which Macon-Bibb County is a member. Peachtree monitors law enforcement reports for property damage claims involving local government property, identifying responsible parties, and filing claims on behalf of the government to recover the funds necessary for cleaning up and repairing damage. Peachtree will also continue to review old accident and damage reports to determine if money is owed to Macon-Bibb County and then seek to recover those funds.


About the Georgia Municipal Association

Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, non-profit organization that provides legislative advocacy, educational, employee benefit and technical assistance services to its 538 member cities.