The Macon-Bibb County Municipal Court collected more than $30,000 in unpaid and overdue fines through its annual amnesty program, which was held throughout October. The program promotes lawful driving privileges, settle outstanding violations with the court, and reduce arrests, while collecting fines that may have been difficult collect.

During the amnesty program, people with past due traffic citations, are in failure to appear status, and/or have active bench warrants were allowed to pay their fines in full and have all contempt fees forgiven, thus making it financially easier for people to pay off their fines. This year, the Court collected $33,961.99 on 120 unpaid and overdue fines.

“The amnesty was financially worth it for Macon-Bibb County because without the incentive of the penalty waiver not a penny of the $33,961.99 would likely have been paid during the amnesty and could not reasonably be expected to be likely paid after the amnesty,” says Municipal Court Clerk Tonya Slaughter.