The Macon-Bibb County Tax Commissioner’s Office has begun the process for its Subsequent Judicial In Rem Tax Sale. The Office is identifying blighted properties that are significantly behind on their property taxes that can be sold to people who are interested in investing in the neighborhood.

“Every neighborhood has a future, and it doesn’t include blight,” says Tax Commissioner S. Wade McCord. “Our neighborhoods are hurting by houses being abandoned and falling into disrepair.  This process gives us an opportunity to help create a better community for everyone.”

On August 1st, the Tax Commissioner’s Office will post a list of available properties at Once a person goes to the website, clicks on “Subsequent Tax Sale” he or she may select a topic of interest. The list may also be picked up in person beginning August 1stat the Tax Commissioner’s Office (188 Third Street) by using the drive-through service lanes.

“Providing the list in advance will allow interested properties to research properties and make informed decisions regarding possible purchases,” adds McCord. “It is important to iterate that these properties are being sold “as-is.”

This sales process will take approximately seven months. Once the levy process concludes, the bids will start at $2,500.  After the highest and best bidder has been identified, ownership and the clear title should transfer within five days from confirmation of payment. The full process can be found online at

“This new process will significantly decrease the time from listing to ownership from eighteen months to seven months,” adds McCord.

During the September 2020 Subsequent Tax Sale, 211 properties were sold, raising $409,765 for Macon-Bibb County and $223,621 for the Bibb County School District. This next round of sales is expected to make about 700 properties available for auction. The full list of properties will be available for people to review on August 1st at