The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) has presented a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award to Macon-Bibb County for its Fiscal Year 2020 Budget, which runs from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.


In order to receive this award, Macon-Bibb had to publish a budget document that met program criteria as a policy document, a financial plan, an operations guide, and a communications device. According to the letter from the GFOA, “this award is the highest form of recognition in governmental budgeting. Its attainment represents a significant achievement by your organization.”


“Congratulations to our Budget and Finance teams for putting together this award-winning budget book,” says Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert. “The annual adoption of the budget is a key moment for us each year, providing our consolidated government and community a road map for how to operate and provide services throughout the year.”

“We’ve had some tough budget years in the past, but it’s because of our Budget and Finance teams working closely with the departments and Commission on the development of the annual budget that has allowed us to grow our fund balance and be better prepared to respond to unexpected situations like COVID-19 and severe weather,” adds County Manager Dr. Keith Moffett.

Click here to view the FY2020 Budget. 

Some of the comments included in the notification letter include:


“The strategies and goals included in the budget message are well defined

and speak to the subject of the organizational plan.”


“A chart shows the significance of each department

and service center in the aggregate.”


“Long-term planning is evident in this document.”


“The financial policies include all appropriate definitions and are included

in the same section of the document. The financial policies provide

the stakeholder with information about financial requirements

as well as the budget process.”


“The charts and graphs are well done

and provide the accurate information.”


“The document is formatted well. It is easy to read

and follows a logical process for providing the information.”


“Extensive and informative economic and demographic information was presented.”


About the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program

GFOA established the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program (Budget Awards Program) in 1984 to encourage and assist state and local governments to prepare budget documents of the very highest quality that reflect both the guidelines established by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting and the GFOA’s best practices on budgeting and then to recognize individual governments that succeed in achieving that goal.


Documents submitted to the Budget Awards Program are reviewed by selected members of the GFOA professional staff and by outside reviewers with experience in public-sector budgeting. The program is open to submissions from any type of government (general-purpose or special-purpose) at either the state or local level that makes available to the general public an operating budget document in either an uploaded document or hardcopy format, regardless of the length of the budget period (annual/biennial/triennial).