Volunteers learn how to plant blueberries at The Gardens at Brookdale

May 12, 2023

Published by eruiz

The Gardens at Brookdale is officially growing blueberries! Despite the storms rolling in on Tuesday, more than a dozen volunteers showed up and joined a blueberry planting class at the Brookdale Resource Center.  

Volunteers learned how to prepare a site, conduct soil tests, and about amendments needed based on the soil test. Once they covered that, they were able to put their lessons to the test. They went out to the blueberry patch next to the raised garden beds, grabbed shovels, learned how to dig holes and place the plants.  

“The turnout was great,” said The Gardens at Brookdale manager Susan Fisher. “Many hands make light work. Thanks to their help, we were able to plant 30 bushes. Once they were done, everyone toured the garden to look at all the beautiful progress that has been made and how much everything has grown.” 

The bushes are part of a bigger effort to dee more than 100 people at the Center throughout the year. 

There are plans underway to have more evening and/or weekend classes for the community members to learn about different crops, how to plant them, and take care of them. Fisher is always open to more ideas. If you have any, or would like to donate/volunteer, email her at Susan.Fisher@uga.edu. 

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