The Bass Road bridge over the railroad between Rivoli Drive and Forsyth Avenue reopened to vehicular traffic on Tuesday afternoon, December 15. It had been closed since the previous Thursday so the guardrail could be repaired after it was damaged in an automobile accident.
“This was something that needed to be addressed as quickly as was safely possible, and I applaud everyone involved for making this a priority,” says County Engineer Charles Brooks. “Thank you to the public for their patience these past few days; we know detours like this can be an inconvenience and are appreciative of their understanding.”
The repairs were deemed an emergency by the County Manager due to the safety issues presented by the missing guardrail and will cost approximately $100,000. Since the automobile accident, the Public Works Department used concrete barriers to cover the area missing the section of guardrail, and the Facilities Management Department installed a variety of lights, signs, and cones to draw attention to the damage and safety measures. The Sheriff’s Office also increased its presence in the area to help with speed control.