Mayor Robert Reichert has extended an Executive Order which allows for two public art installations. Both are now permitted to stay up through 6 p.m. on Monday, July 6, 2020. You can read the Mayor’s updated Executive Order and initial permit for these projects below. Click each image to enlarge.
On the morning of Friday, June 19, a public art installation began in the median park at the corner of Second Street and Cotton Avenue. This installation, and one in the median park at First and Poplar Streets, have been approved by Macon-Bibb County by both permit and Mayor’s Executive Order.
“The past several weeks, I have been so proud of the overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations held by our community to move us all forward,” says Mayor Robert Reichert. “This peaceful act will be allowed to continue, and we are going to support people having the difficult conversations that will make us better as people and as a community.”