On February 13, Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert gave his 2020 State of the Community speech at the annual event hosted by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce. He described the community as “vibrant,” using the word’s definition of “energetic, pulsating with energy, resonant, and bright.”

The Mayor took his speech and reminded the more than 500 people in attendance where the community was in 2007 when he was first elected, what has happened since then, and where we are headed to become the Hub City of Middle Georgia.

Click here to read the Mayor’s full 2020 State of the Community speech.

“We have we have made some good things happen, we have worked together better than ever before; and we, as a community, are working together for the future, and collectively, we believe the best is yet to come!” he said near the beginning of his speech.

A Vibrant Community: 2020 State of the Community Address from MaconBibbTV on Vimeo.

During his comments, he celebrated the number of industries and jobs that have come to the area the past few years, the revitalization of Downtown, the growth and success of our colleges and universities, and the many groups and people that come together to reach similar goals. And while there has been great success, he charged the group with continuing that progress by focusing even more on our first neighborhoods, including Pleasant Hill, Mill Hill, Fort Hill, Beall’s Hill, and Tindall Heights.


“We have not reached our destination. As much progress as we have made, we have much more work to do, but we can do it! The State of our Community is vibrant!” he said. “I know we are stronger together; we are better together, and our community deserves us working together to move every person, every street, every neighborhood forward together.”