While tackling blight and illegal dumps, Mayor Lester Miller and crews from the Solid Waste, Parks & Beautification, and Public Works Departments wants to remind people that placing signs along the streets in the right of way is illegal. They not only want our community to be more attractive, but to be safe. 

“Most people don’t realize these signs are actually litter on the side of the road and they also create a safety hazard when people try to pull out into intersections,” said Mayor Miller. “They block their views so it’s kind of a double edge. We’ve had a lot of pedestrian deaths, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents and the last thing we need is some kind of obstruction.” 

Beginning April 19, crews from the departments have begun collecting the signs in the right of way. If companies or people are identified as repeatedly putting these signs up, Macon-Bibb will cite them and collect fines.  

Placing signs in the right of way is a violation of Macon-Bibb’s Code of Ordinances, Section 22-57. The rights of way along the roads in Macon-Bibb County must be kept clear of debris, litter, and unauthorized signs so they can be properly maintained and mowed, and the signs can eventually deteriorate and create more litter.

The Public Works and Parks and Beautification departments picked up more than 100 signs this past week.