Sarah S. Harris, Judge
Elizabeth Whidby, Clerk

601 Mulberry Street
Second Floor
Macon, GA 31201
Court Division Room (478) 621-6494
License Division Room (478) 621-6493

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Probate Court Videos

Annual Return of Fiduciary

Credits: Hall County Probate Judge Patty Laine

Presenting Your Case in Probate Court

Council of Probate Court Judges Supreme Court of Georgia
Produced for the Council of Probate Court Judges

I Present My Case

Credits: Produced for the Judicial Council of Georgia and the Administrative Office of the Courts

English Version

Spanish Version

Conservatorship of Minors

English Version

Curatela de menores

Spanish Version

Conservatorship and Guardianship of Adults

English Version

Curatela y tutela de adultos

Spanshi Version