The Commission approved a new fee schedule for collection of waste which isn’t part of typical route pickups. The fees will also be utilized as fines for those who leave debris and waste in the County rights-of-way.

The goals are to create cleaner neighborhoods, and to keep our community clear of hazards which these items might pose. These materials could include trees, piles of limbs larger than two (2) cubic yards, furniture, major and minor appliances, roofing and construction materials, and other large items.

To avoid a fine, there are two ways you can dispose of these items safely and efficiently. Bibb County residents are allowed to bring up to 500 lbs. to the landfill once a month, free of charge. You’ll need your state-issued ID showing that you live in Macon when you go. Beyond 500 lbs., disposal at the landfill is charged at a rate of $32.75 per ton. The landfill is open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Wednesday. It’s located at 920 11th Street. You can call the landfill at (478) 751-9296.

If you want to request a pickup of these items from your property, call the Solid Waste Department at (478) 803-0499. They’ll set up an appointment for an inspector to come view and assess the items, give you a price quote, and get it taken care of. The fee schedule below outlines the prices per cubic yard.

For illegal dumping, or trash and debris sitting by the road, the new ordinance passed by Commissioners outlines a system which will fine those who don’t clear these items from the rights of way. If there is out-of-compliance material, the Solid Waste Department will alert the property owner by certified letter that they have ten days to remove the debris, or contact the department to have it removed. Each letter will have a date set by which the debris must be removed. If no contact with the homeowner is made, the Solid Waste crews will go pick it up, but the fee will be charged to the homeowner through their annual garbage bill with the Tax Commissioner’s Office. 

< 2 Cubic Yards


2.01 – 4 Cubic Yards


4.01 – 8 Cubic Yards


8.01 – 12 Cubic Yards


12.01 – 16 Cubic Yards


16.01 – 20 Cubic Yards


Each Cubic Yard or fraction thereof over 20


To learn more, you can read the entire ordinance here. Call the Solid Waste Department at (478) 803-0499 for additional information or to schedule your pickups.