On March 8, a group of Macon-Bibb student leaders from the Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS) rode out to Javors Lucas Lake to learn about the county’s 5.8 billion gallon water supply, and how it gets from the tanks to their taps.

To see pictures from the trip, click here.

McCoy told the group, “We get the water from the Ocmulgee River, and if we’re not able to get water for over 5 months, we still have a water supply here in Macon, unlike some water systems in Georgia which have a 3-day supply,” Gary McCoy, Water Operations Director with the Macon Water Authority, told the group.

He cleared up common myths about how water is treated, and why drinking from the tap is not only safe, but cost effective compared to buying water bottles. He also spoke about the Flint, Michigan water crisis, and outlined the steps they take here in Macon-Bibb to ensure that won’t happen. The students learned that while the Environmental Protection Department requires water treatment plants to do 3 water quality tests per day, the MWA team does 92 a day, to make sure our water is clean and safe for everyone.

Senior Operator at the plant, William Brown, then took the students on the tour. They saw how crews monitor the water supply, and take care of issues in people’s homes. Then they toured the basins, treatment areas, and testing facilities. Many of the students were wowed by the sights, and said they appreciate the way Mr. Brown handled the tour, and explained the complicated processes.

In February, the GCAPS team visited Atlanta & Suwanee. You can click here to watch a MaconBibbTV feature story about that trip.