Trash Talk: Yard and Bulk Waste

October 29, 2021

Published by eruiz

Ryland Environmental will be taking over all trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk waste collections in our County in January. While the service provider is different, the way they collect your yard debris and bulk waste won’t be.

On Wednesday, October 27 Mayor Lester Miller, Ryland Environmental Managing Partner James Lanier, and Solid Waste Manager Maurice Jackson held a demonstration to remind people what can and cannot be left out for Ryland Environmental to pick up.

“We know this has been a difficult time for many of you throughout this last year, but we are confident this transition will make things better,” said Mayor Miller. “While we are transitioning, we want to make sure each of you are informed about the guidelines to ensure your trash gets picked up.”

“There will not be any changes in what we pick up,” said Lanier. “We will be going by what the county ordinance is, but this will be an exciting change for yard and bulk waste collection in Macon-Bibb County and will go a long way to keep this community clean.”

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