The Macon-Bibb County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) relies on a host of volunteers when crisis strikes, and one of those volunteers has been part of protecting our community for 50 years. Steve Landers has delivered needed medication during blizzard of 1973, he’s worked on missing persons cases, supported communications efforts, and brought food and water to those in need during the flood of 1994.

At the County Commission meeting on July 16, Mayor Robert Reichert and the Commissioners declared it “Steve Landers Appreciation Day” in Macon-Bibb County, and encouraged everyone to take a moment and thank Landers for his selfless service the last five decades.

“Steve has always been that person who was the first to show up and the last to leave,” says Angela Riley, Macon-Bibb EMA Volunteer President. “It has been a privilege to be able to volunteer with him on numerous scenes. The dependability of Steve is unsurpassed by anyone.”

Macon-Bibb EMA Director, Spencer Hawkins agrees, “Macon-Bibb County is lucky to have someone like Steve Landers who has un-selfishly given 50 years of volunteer service. There are an untold number of people that Mr. Landers has either inspired to volunteer themselves or were made safer during disaster situations because of his actions. He and other volunteers are true practitioners of the public service calling.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email You can also follow the EMA Volunteer Facebook page here. You’ll be asked to fill out an application and complete a background check.