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William P. Adams Chief Judge, State Court of Bibb County Jeffrey B. Hanson Judge, State Court of Bibb County Edith N. Smith Administrative Assistant (478) 621-6440 Patti Graves State Court Clerk (478) 621-6436 Amy Hartley Chief Probation Officer (478) 621-6679

STATE COURT of BIBB COUNTY Civil Jury Trial Calendar Instruction Sheet

No case shall appear on the published civil trial calendar unless requested in writing or by email to the Clerk, Patti M. Graves, by counsel for any party with a copy of said request to opposing counsel in each case at least thirty (30) days before the trial term.

No civil case will be considered ready for trial unless notice is given in writing or by email and received by the Judge’s assistant, Edith Smith, no later than fifteen (15) calendar days immediately prior to the first day of the trial term, stating the case is “ready” for trial. This “15 day letter” or “ready letter” shall be served upon opposing counsel by mail, email or in person at the same time the letter is given to the Court.

Email addresses for the Clerk and the Judge’s Secretary may be found on the Court website’s Home page.  The Court’s Standing Order – Civil Cases may also be found on the website. The current trial calendar is also available by clicking on “Civil Calendar”. There will be two listings, “All Cases” and “Cases Ready for Trial”.

Cases that have been timely announced as “ready” will be called numerically at Calendar Call to establish the order of trials during the term. Each attorney is expected to be present unless excused by the Court. Pretrial telephone conferences will be set at that time. The Pretrial Information letters required by the Standing Order must be provided prior to the conference call or by Wednesday following Calendar Call at 5:00 p.m., whichever is earlier, unless already done at a previous trial term.


Directions for getting information on the entire calendar or for your case(s) in particular.


Enter attorney’s name or any part of a name in the attorney field and click on “submit”. For example, entering ‘ab’ will list all attorney’s name which include letters ‘ab’ such as Abraham, Abrams, or Cable. The initials you enter do not have to be the beginning of the name.

Click on any case number on the list for full details of that case.

For List of only one attorney’s cases on the list, click on that Attorney’s name in the list.


Enter party name or name fragment in party field and click on “submit”. The same rules apply as for party above.


For a complete court calendar, click on the ‘list’ button. This will list all the cases on the trial calendar sorted by case number. You may print this with the ‘File/Print’ command..

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