What’s Happening?: District 7

September 22, 2022

Published by eruiz

District 7 has a lot of great things happening from new additions to public parks, to job growth to industry expansion. District 7 Commissioner Bill Howell is staying on top of making sure his constituents are getting what they need in their community. 

The Sarah Young Willis Park off Houston Road just had new lights added , as well having its bridge renovated .  

“When I first became commissioner, there weren’t any lights at this park, and so we made some phone calls, spruced things up, and now you can see people enjoying the park safely,” said Commissioner Howell. 

Stormwater issues have been a concern Commissioner Howell has wanted to address and resolve since before he was elected.  

“South Macon-Bibb County is a low part of the county and all the water from Downtown and North and West Macon drains this way,” said Commissioner Howell. “Years of neglect and poor planning have put us in a situation now where it’s critical for folks this way. Slowly, but surely, we’re working through these problems, and hopefully one day it’ll be a thing of the past.” 

More jobs and industry expansion are coming to District 7 with the announcement of YKK AP America Inc. (YKK AP) investing up to $125 million. The manufacturer of commercial facade systems and residential windows and doors’ new facility will create new jobs in addition to the 250 jobs. You can read more about that here.  

“One of the hidden gems within the county is the Industrial Authority. They do a lot behind the scenes, created this industrial park and brought new business, brought jobs,” said Commissioner Howell. “Really excited about the new jobs this is going to bring.” 

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