In April 2019, the Commission approved the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Peachtree Recovery Services to investigate accidents resulting in damage to government property and seeking reimbursement of funds from insurance companies. Since being hired, Peachtree has reviewed reports of property damage going back to June of 2015, and so far, has been able to recover $11,595.56 for Macon-Bibb County. There is also nearly $34,000 that has been identified and requested by Peachtree for which payment has not yet been received.


“This partnership with GMA and Peachtree has already been of benefit to our community because it is reimbursing us for work done to repair our curbs, signs, fire hydrants, guard rails, and more,” says Macon-Bibb Mayor Reichert.


“Cities are often challenged to do a great deal of work with very few resources,” says Peachtree’s Vice President of Business Development, Todd Rhoad. “Our early success stems from our ability to focus our tools and efforts specifically on 100% of these accidents, maximizing the recoveries owed to the city and its taxpayers.”


Recently, a vehicle accident destroyed most of the “Welcome to Macon-Bibb County” sign on Highway 247, leading to the Facilities Management and Public Works Department having to remove it entirely and clean the area (Photos below). All costs associated with that removal will be turned over to Peachtree so they can work to recover the funds from the insurance company of the responsible parties.


“Our crews work hard to clean up the streets and repair damages after these accidents, and this is great we are able to recover these funds to reimburse that work,” says County Manager Dr. Keith Moffett. “They set their budgets each year based on the work they know needs to be done to move our community forward, and every time we have to use those funds for situations outside our control, it hampers our ability to work in other areas.”


“I saw the success Valdosta had with Peachtree Recovery when I was city manager there,” said GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson. “It was something I wanted to share with other cities when I came to GMA, and I commend Macon-Bibb County for using this service. They, like other participants in the program, are seeing great results that benefit taxpayers.”


The service is provided through a partnership with the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), of which Macon-Bibb County is a member. Peachtree monitors law enforcement reports for property damage claims involving local government property, identifying responsible parties, and filing claims on behalf of the government to recover the funds necessary for cleaning up and repairing damage. Peachtree will also continue to review old accident and damage reports to determine if money is owed to Macon-Bibb County and then seek to recover those funds.


About the Georgia Municipal Association

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