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Mayor Robert Reichert

Mayor Robert Reichert grew up in Macon-Bibb, is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science and from Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law.

In 2016, Mayor Reichert was elected to his second term as Mayor of the consolidated Macon-Bibb County government. He is the first mayor of the new government and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Macon-Bibb County, with all executive powers and supervision of administrative affairs. Prior to Macon-Bibb County, he served as the final Mayor for the City of Macon for six years, represented District 126 in the Georgia House of Representatives for 10 years, and served on Macon City Council for five years.

Throughout his terms as Mayor, he has been focused on growing Macon-Bibb to become the transportation, logistics, and cultural hub of the Middle Georgia region. With an historic Downtown nestled along two major interstates in the heart of the state, Macon-Bibb is poised to be a leader in downtown redevelopment, alternate transportation, and economic development.

Mayor Reichert is a Leadership Macon graduate and has been actively involved in multiple areas of the community, including the Georgia and American Bar Associations, the Georgia Industrial Home, the Macon Rescue Mission, and the Douglass Theatre. He is a member and former Director of the Kiwanis Club of Macon, and a former Scoutmaster and Round Table Commissioner for the Boy Scouts.

The Macon-Bibb County Commission undertook a year-long Strategic Planning process in order to focus the work of and continue to build the new consolidated government.

In these sessions, the Commission selected new Mission and Vision Statements, identified five strategic priority areas, and selected strategic projects for the new government. This process helped develop the Fiscal Year 2015 budget, the first full-year budget for Macon-Bibb County by prioritizing what is most important to the Commission and community. With a Strategic Plan approved by the Commission, meetings will be held with departments to determine how to bring the projects to completion and to develop the Fiscal Year 2016 budget.

This year-long process is funded with a grant from the John S. James L. Knight Foundation and is being facilitated by the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government.


Macon-Bibb will be the center of development, culture, and opportunity,
remembering our past while inspiring hope and pride for our future.


Macon-Bibb County provides the essential infrastructure, services, and programs,
creating a vibrant economic and cultural climate, enabling individuals, families, and businesses to prosper.

‘Forward Together’ Strategic Priorities

Economic and Community Development
Our highest priority is to create a robust economy and strong communities. We will focus on retaining our current business and industry and creating opportunities for new economic development while addressing poverty and supporting and encouraging quality education and workforce development.

Safe Neighborhoods and Safe Communities
Safe neighborhoods are the foundation of great communities. We will focus our efforts on providing for public safety, citizen education and engagement and crime prevention, all in an effort to create safe and enduring communities.

Effective Government and Governance
Our City Commission and staff will work to improve public perception of the governance and government process and apply fair and equitable taxation principles and employee compensation and utilize best management practices to execute Commission policy towards completing SPLOST and all other projects successfully and in a timely manner. Our most valuable asset is our employees and we will commit to their training and development, recognizing their good works and retaining those assets.

Infrastructure Improvement
To achieve the community we desire we will focus on and develop stormwater, water and waste water infrastructures and an integrated transportation system of rails, trails, roads and runways to become the logistics hub of Georgia.

Quality of Life
We will support, encourage and promote good-living in Macon-Bibb with the arts and cultural events, tourism improvements, social and night life opportunities and a community-wide system of passive and active recreation.

The Second Street Corridor redevelopment and revitalization project is initially being funded by the voter-approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). Eight million dollars was designated to improve the area that stretches from East Macon through Downtown, connecting to Little Richard Penniman and Mercer University Boulevards, and creating a gateway into Macon at the interchange of Mercer University Boulevard.

A Tax Allocation District was created along the Corridor to provide a funding source as the area is redeveloped. Any increase in property tax revenue in that area will be used to improve infrastructure and complete additional portions of this long-term project.

Second Street Corridor Conceptual Master Plan

At a meeting on May 5, the Macon-Bibb County Commission approved the right-of-way plans and road closures necessary for the construction of the Second Street Corridor Connector. New pedestrian-friendly accesses are being built so the neighborhood will have better access to Downtown Macon.

To view the map of the approved closures and right-of-way plan, click here.

The first of three phases of the Connector’s construction is currently underway, and the entire project is expected to take 18 months. Once complete, the Connector will have sidewalks, bicycle lanes, lighting, and landscaping, as well as upgraded storm sewer systems.

“This is the piece of the Corridor that will bring the two different sides of our urban core together with a pedestrian and bike friendly connection,” says Mayor Robert Reichert. “In other areas, we’ve added bike lanes, improved sidewalks, and increased greenspace, and we continue to plan for a transit alternative, such as an electric bus.”

For more information about the construction, click here.

Blight in our neighborhoods is a widely recognized issue in Macon-Bibb County, and it’s a top priority of the full Commission and entire community. To that end, the Mayor has set a goal of tearing down 100 or more dilapidated and abandoned houses every year.

Click here for a map of houses in the demolition pipeline.

Click here for a MaconBibbTV feature on the 100th House Demolition for Fiscal Year 2014.

Working with our Strong Cities, Strong Communities Team, we are working to:

  • streamline the legal process by which a house can be demolished;
  • identify sources of funding to demolish houses;
  • seek creative uses for abandoned and cleared property; and
  • focus efforts in smaller areas in order to have a greater impact.
The 5×5 Program began in the former City of Macon under Mayor Reichert’s leadership to enhance and target services in a five block area for five weeks. Along with the targeted services, the City worked to engage the community by asking for assistance on projects and hosting events to build a sense of ownership in the improvement process.

In April 2014, Macon-Bibb County relaunched the 5×5 Neighborhood Improvement Program to serve the entire county. Administration meets with each of the nine elected Commissioners to determine which five block area in their district will receive the focused services, as well as to meet with residents, churches, and community leaders about the needs they would like addressed.

Click here for a feature video of the 5×5 Program in Lynmore Estates in District 2,
where several groups are actively working together to improve the neighborhood

The expansion of the program also included several external agencies joining the effort to focus services and improvement efforts in a concentrated effort. Macon Area Habitat for Humanity, Community Partnerships, the Macon Water Authority, Rebuilding Macon, and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office joined Macon-Bibb County to help make more significant and visible improvements in the identified areas.

As part of a great focus on communication with the community, Macon-Bibb County is making a concerted effort to collect and report data from the five-week focused services, and reports from Districts One, Two, and Three are attached to show the impact of this work.

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District 2

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