Mayor Robert Reichert gave the 2019 State of the Community at a luncheon hosted by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, February 14 at the Edgar H. Wilson Convention Center. Based on results from the recent “On the Table” initiative led by the Knight Foundation and Community Foundation of Central Georgia, the Mayor announced the State of the Community is “more hopeful.”

“Participants were diverse in age, race, gender, income, and address within our community, and a solid majority (74% of men and 63% of men) responded that looking ahead to the next five years or so, they feel more hopeful than more worried about the future holds for our community,” said Mayor Reichert. “Participants did express concern with crime, violence, and public safety, as well as poverty and economic security, but almost 70% felt that our community is changing for the better, and also felt that we have shared goals and priorities.

Mayor Reichert talked about how people, neighborhoods, organizations, and even Macon-Bibb’s departments were making tremendous progress in strengthening the community because of the love they have for it. He also recounted moments throughout the community’s history where dedicated people made big changes that have led to decades of positive growth. He challenged the audience and public to find a way to join in the efforts to improve their part of the county.

After all, what is a city but its people? They define it; they make it; and they can love it into greatness,” he said. He returned regularly to a quote from an unknown source that hangs on his wall: “A community is not loved because it becomes great; a community becomes great because it is loved.”

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