Kinjo Kitchen + Cocktails recently teamed up with the Brookdale Warming Center to help feed the Center’s guests.

For owner of Kinjo, Chelsea Hughes, it all started as a small idea to help people who cannot afford a meal every now and then. She saw an idea at other restaurants across the country where a server asks customers if they want to buy a meal for someone in need, and if someone who cannot afford a meal comes to the door, it’s already paid for. Hughes tweaked that idea and thought of the Brookdale Warming Center.

“I met with Steve Bell and told him my initial idea was to put a blurb on my menu and make a post on Facebook asking my patrons to round up their receipt,” said Hughes. “For $8 and tax, you can buy a cup of noodles for someone who’s hungry.”

Once she posted, other business owners in the community wanted to help, too. Thanks to those donations, on Wednesday, April 28, Hughes and her team were able to deliver 110 cups of Chicken Ramen, with fresh bok choy, zucchini, squash, and onions. This was their first meal delivery to the Center and it will not be the last.

“I want to make sure that when I’m delivering a meal to Brookdale at the end of the month that I’m feeding every single resident,” said Hughes. “So, whatever the discrepancy between what’s donated and what I have to provide, I’m going to make sure everybody gets fed a hot meal at least once a month.”

For every donation, Kinjo will match it and make a donation of their own. For information more about Kinjo Kitchen + Cocktails, and to donate, click here.