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Director: David Fortson


780 Third Street
Macon, GA 31201-3282

P: (478) 621-6660

F: (478) 621-6666

Road & Subdisivion Inventories

The Engineering Department is charged with the overall responsibility of recognizing. planning and implementing all phases of transportation system needs for the County.

Engineering oversees aspects of commercial and residential development related to stormwater, erosion control, and construction.

Some of the primary functions are:

– Coordination of County, State and Federal Projects- Complaint Management- Public Relations- Planning & Development Coordination

– Solid Waste Contract Administration

– Development Plan Review

– Contract Maintenance of Macon-Bibb Local Roads

– Coordination of County, State, and Federal Infrastructure Projects

– Planning and Development Guidance

– Development Plan Review

– Management of Storm-water Permits

– Right of Way Access Permitting




Assessment Paving Program

  • Assessment Paving Program
    How it works?
    Roads currently approved by BOC

Solid Waste Collection

Right-of-Way Excavation/Occupation Application and Permit

Mapping Services Provided:

To Report Suspected Environmental Dumping

Contact Bibb County Engineer’s Office
Charles Brooks
478 – 621 – 6660