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Policy on Appointment of Process Servers

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 9-11-4, a court may appoint individuals to serve process in the courts or in specific foundation for the case to proceed. Defendants must be served timely and properly for the court to have jurisdiction over them. Untimely or improper service can significantly impact all parties to a case and can result in the complete preclusion of a claim or in the entry of an invalid judgment. The Court has an interest in appointing trained, knowledgeable, professional individuals to serve process.

In the State Court of Bibb County, individuals who wish to be appointed as a process server may file a Petition for Appointment. If granted, an Order will be entered appointing the person as a process server for all civil cases in the State Court of Bibb County. The Court will not routinely sign orders for an individual to be appointed as a process server in a single case. In limited circumstances, including cases involving service of process beyond the State of Georgia, the Court may grant a Motion for the Appointment of an individual to serve process for the specific case.

The Court has prepared forms to be used for the appointment of process servers. These forms are available from the Clerk’s Office and on the Court’s website.

List of Appointed Process Servers for the State Court of Bibb County

Name: Appointment Date Expiration Date of Appointment: Contact #:
John E. Luther 04/14/2022 04/14/2025 478-397-9884
Barry Stapleton 07/08/2022 07/08/2025 478-394-3511
Thomas David Gibbs, III 04/29/2021 04/29/2024 404-368-3049
Steven Michael Barney, Jr. 07/19/2022 07/19/2025 678-849-8251
J. Wayne Downs 08/17/2022 08/17/2025 478-477-2924
James Melvin Goswick 04/20/2022 04/20/2025 478-755-1943
Michael Lewis 07/12/2022 07/12/2025 478-719-3859
Thomas A. Pope 07/12/2019 07/12/2022 478-986-9903
Doug McDonald 04/09/2020 04/08/2023 478-957-3223
Herbert Frederick Giles, Jr. 08/17/2022 08/17/2025 404-623-5481
Christian Seklecki 08/18/2022 08/18/2025 404-771-3204
Robin L. Saxon 12/11/2019 12/11/2022 404-394-6924
Hollis J. Hill 03/17/2020 03/17/2023 770-601-4250
Sedrick D. Taylor 03/17/2020 03/17/2023 478-361-5006
Liz Marie Glawson 10/09/2020 10/09/2023 478-319-5857
Raymond Cross 10/09/2020 10/09/2023 478-808-2566
Ken Hendrix 10/02/2020 10/02/2023 912-210-9228
Cory J. Jordan 05/24/2021 05/24/2024 843-230-1715
Michael Anthony Harbuck 02/17/2022 02/17/2025 478-973-5631

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