Jury Duty – Your First Day of Jury Duty

Please read all the following instructions before reporting.

  • Bring your summons with you.
  • Please plan to arrive downtown at least by 8:15 a.m. so that you can be in the Jury Assembly Room by 8:30 a.m. This room is located on the Fourth Floor of the Bibb County Courthouse, at the corner of Second and Mulberry Streets.
  • Please enter the building through the Second Street entrance so that you can pass through security. This is the only public entrance to the Bibb County Courthouse.
  • Vending machines are in the Jury Assembly Area. You may bring your lunch and any reading or work material with you.
  • For emergency assistance call (478) 621- 6527 after 8:30 a.m.
  • By order of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department, items such as penknives, flashlights, scissors, sewing needles and any type of weapon are strictly prohibited and are not to be brought into the building.
  • Other  items that are allowed with restriction are –
    • Battery operated laptops are allowed in the Jury Assembly Room, but may not be used in the courtrooms.
    • Phones and pagers are allowed, however they must be turned off and not used in the courtrooms.
    • You may call out on your cell phone from the Jury Assembly Room, but you are urgently reminded not to make any calls from the courtroom or the jury deliberation room, if you are selected to try a case.
  • Proper Dress is required. Shorts, Bermudas, jeans with holes, muscle shirts, halter tops and bare midriff clothing are not acceptable Court attire.

Thank you for your public service.

If you have questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section before contacting the Superior Court Clerk’s office at (478) 621-6527.