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Business Development Services

alters services & schedules

  • The deadline for business licenses has been extended to May 6.
  • No longer be accepting walk-in customers for Alcohol / Business Licensing and Construction Permitting.
  • Customers may enter the front reception foyer area only and drop applications in bins signed as either “Alcohol / Business Licensing” or “Construction Permitting.” The customer must immediately leave the building to avoid creating a choke point within the entrance to our office and to provide the CDC recommended social distancing between customers and staff.
  • Complaints to Property Maintenance or Construction Permitting will be handled by email or phone. We will cease meeting with customers in the building to resolve complaints.
  • Applications for Alcohol / Business Licensing will be processed daily and the customers will have their new licenses mailed within two weeks. Our staff will offer expedited emergency processing for special cases involving dual renewals between Macon-Bibb County and other state or federal agencies, or for other hardships.
  • Construction Permitting will notify the applicant when their process has been completed and the customer can return to pick up their permit and/or approved plans at the front entrance only. All Certificates of Occupancy will be mailed or sent as a scanned PDF electronically to the customer to minimize contact.
  • All departmental meetings with the public will be canceled to minimize contact. Meetings may occur by phone or other internet-based options.
  • Construction inspections will continue, with the following exception: Interior residential inspections within occupied homes will be pushed back until after this emergency has been lifted. Other construction inspections will occur within CDC guidelines, which are evolving to meet this emergency. On the jobsite, customers are requested to maintain social distancing. Construction Inspectors safety is paramount, with the Construction Inspector reserving the right to decline the inspection if their individual health and safety is seen to be compromised by the customer.


Business Development Services

Terminal Station

200 Cherry Street, Suite 202

Macon, GA 31201

Phone: (478) 803-0470

Fax: (478) 745-6358


Office Hours

Property Maintenance: 8:00-5:00

Permit Processing: 8:30 – 4:30         

License Processing: 8:30 – 4:30


7:30 – 8:30am and 3:30 – 4:00pm


Business Development Services



Building Division  

  • Issues and maintains construction permits
  • Reviews plans, specifications and construction documents for code compliance
  • Performs field investigations and inspections for code compliance
  • Issues Certificates of Occupancy

Business Licensing 

  • Accepts applications for occupational taxes
  • Accepts applications for privilege licenses (alcohol, special events, etc.)
  • Collects revenues for above taxes and licenses

Property Maintenance Division 

  • Ensures compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code
  • Maintains the Foreclosed and Vacant Property Registration Program
  • Works with residents, businesses, and contractors to ensure properties are properly maintained and cared for.

Macon-Bibb County maintains a listing of archived construction and trade permits. Click here to go to the search page for permits issued by Business Development Services.

Owners and contractors are responsible for obtaining appropriate permits from the Business Development Services prior to starting construction or renovations on a building.

If you are unsure if a permit is required, you can contact Business Development Services directly or review the Administrative Codes by clicking here.


Ricky Fuller: Interim Director

Andy Pitrowski: Mechanical Inspector

Audrey Stallion: Application Specialist

Daniel Brown: Plans Examiner

Deidre Alava: Abatement Officer I

Diane Jackson: Administrative Assistant

Emory Yarbrough: Chief Building Inspector

Greg Howard: Chief Mechanical Inspector

Jason Woodward: Plumbing Inspector

John Baker: Building Abatement Manager

Jonathan Chambless: Building Inspector

Kathy Shinholster: Interim Administrative Services Manager

Kevin Kent: Electrical Inspector

Lekitte Robinson: Abatement Officer I

LaTosha Collins:  Application Specialist

Michael Barnes: Chief Electrical Inspector

Richard A. Powell: Demolition Coordinator

Rodney Miller: Building Inspector

Scott Dibble: Plumbing Inspector

Todd Hendricks: Electrical Inspector 

Tonya Davis: Application Specialist

William C. Mander, Jr:  Abatement Officer II

Instructions on how to complete the Macon-Bibb County Vacant and Foreclosed Property Registration form.


Macon-Bibb County ordinances Chapter 6, Article IV, Sec. 6-70 thru 6-80 describes the purpose and requirements to complete the Vacant and Foreclosed Property registration. Below is a short summary: Sec. 6-73 requires any owner or agents of foreclosed real property OR vacant real property to register within 30 days of the property becoming foreclosed or vacant, and Sec. 6-76 requires a one-time registration and beginning September 01, 2018, an administration fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each structure on the parcel. As of January 1, 2014, the ordinance applies to the new jurisdiction of Macon-Bibb County, Georgia, which includes both the former City of Macon and the former Bibb County governments. Please fill out the attached form (found HERE) with the following information:

  1. The real owners name, street address, mailing address, phone number, facsimile number, and e-mail address;
  2. The agent’s name, street address, mailing address, phone number, facsimile number, and e-mail address;
  3. The real property’s street address and tax parcel number;
  4. The transfer date of the instrument conveying the real property to the owner; and
  5. At such time as it becomes available, recording information, including deed book and page numbers, of the instrument conveying the real property to the owner.

Send the completed form(s) and check(s), made payable to Macon-Bibb County, to:

Business Development Services
Attention: Property Maintenance Division
200 Cherry Street; Suite 202
Macon, GA 31201
Ph: 478-803-0470