Macon Bibb County

Office of Small Business Affairs

Certification Application


Applicants carry the burden of proof regarding eligibility and must meet all the requirements concerning business size, ownership, and control.

OSBA application will recognize minority business enterprises and women business enterprises. Disadvantage business enterprises certification will be a one stop shop with DOAS and GDOT joint application.

Honorable Mayor Lester M. Miller

Ms. Charise StephensDirector of the Office of Small Business Affairs
Macon- Bibb County
700 Poplar Street
Macon, GA 31204
(478) 803-2819
Thank you for your interest in being certified to do business with Macon Bibb. Please note that you must be registered with a vendor packet to complete OSBA process. (see steps attachment)

Criteria for Local Certification: Check all that apply.


A material or false statement or omission made in connection with this application is sufficient cause for denial of certification, revocation of a prior approval, initiation of suspension or debarment proceedings, and may subject the person and/or entity making the false statement to any and all civil and criminal penalties available pursuant to applicable federal and state law. I (full name), swear or affirm under penalty of law that I am (title) of applicant firm (firm name) and that I have read and understood all of the questions in this application and that all of the foregoing information and statements submitted in this application and its attachments and supporting documents are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that all responses to the questions in are full and complete, omitting no material information. The responses include all material information necessary to fully and accurately identify and explain the operations, capabilities, and pertinent history of the named firm as well as the ownership, control, affiliations thereof. I recognize that the information submitted in the application is for the purpose of inducing certification approval by a government agency. I understand that a government agency may, by mean it deems appropriate, determine the accuracy and truth of the statements in the application, and I authorize such agency to contact any entity named in the application, and the named firm’s bonding companies, banking institutions, credit agencies, contractors, clients, and other certifying agencies for the purpose of verifying the information supplied and determining the named firm’s eligibility. I agree to submit to government audit, examination and review of books records, documents and files, in whatever form they exist, of the names firm and is affiliates, inspection of its place(s) of business and equipment, and to permit interviews of principals, agents, and employees. I understand that refusal to permit such inquiries shall be grounds for denial of certification. If awarded a contract or subcontract, I agree to promptly and directly provide the prime contractor and Macon-Bibb County on an ongoing basis, current, complete, and accurate information regarding (1) work performed on the project; (2) payments; and (3) proposed changes, if any, to the foregoing arrangements. I agree to provide written notice to Macon-Bibb County of any material change in the information contained in the original application within 60 days of such change (e.g., ownership, address, telephone number, etc.). I acknowledge and agree that any misrepresentations in this application or in records pertaining to a contract or subcontract will be grounds for terminating any contract or subcontract which may be awarded; denial or revocation of certification; suspension and debarment; and for initiating action under federal and/or state law concerning false statement, fraud or other applicable offenses.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this application and supporting documents relating to my disadvantaged status and me is true and correct.

Additional certifications in concert with national/state partners

(not required for local certification)

Disadvantage program qualifications: A collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) provides a joint process for minority certification. Companies desiring to certify as a "minority business enterprise" or a "minority subcontractor" may do so by first submitting an application for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification to GDOT. The GDOT DBE Certification Application captures the required data used by DOAS. This eliminates duplication of effort for suppliers and provides greater exposure of certified minority companies to state and local procurement officials and private sector suppliers, thereby increasing subcontracting opportunities.

Only suppliers who have successfully completed the unified certification process and Registered in Team Georgia Marketplace are listed as "Certified Minority Business Enterprises." For more information on the certification process, contact the DOAS Helpdesk at 404-657-6000.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise(DBE)(

HUBZone program qualifications:To qualify for the HUBZone program, your business must:

  • Be a small business
  • Be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by U.S. citizens, a Community Development Corporation, an agricultural cooperative, a Native Hawaiian organization, or an Indian tribe
  • Have its principal office located in a HUBZone
  • Have at least 35 percent of its employees live in a HUBZone

You can find the full qualification criteria in Title 13 Part 126 Subpart B of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). You can also get a preliminary assessment of whether you qualify at the SBA’s Certify website.