Business owners, Macon-Bibb County leaders, and the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the work of the Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, November 20, at 10:00 a.m. at the Chik-Fil-A on Eisenhower Parkway. The event will celebrate several completed or ongoing projects (listed below) that have been spearheaded by the EBID to improve the area of Eisenhower Parkway from I-475 to Oglesby Place.

“I want to commend the Eisenhower Business Improvement District for its leadership, ability to bring businesses together, and efforts to revitalize this section of District 9,” says Macon-Bibb County Mayor Pro Tem and District 9 Commissioner Al Tillman. “We need to invest in the future and success of our retail corridors, and I’m honored our Commission has been supportive of the investment here.”

“It has been our pleasure to work on behalf of the property and business owners of the Eisenhower Business Improvement District to help beautify and reimagine our important commercial corridor,” says John G Mulherin, EBID Board Chair. “The work we have thus far completed provides a framework for future growth and development in this strategically important region of Macon-Bibb.”

“The EBID has improved the quality of businesses in the EBID,” adds EBID business owner and Board Member Adam Patel. “It has made a difference in safety, security, and physical appearance for businesses little by little and the improvement still continues.”

“The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce salutes the Eisenhower BID for implementing improvements to vitalize a gateway corridor that will be significant in giving new energy to the growth and development of this very important section of Bibb County,” says Yvonne Williams, President & CEO of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce.

Landscape Maintenance

The EBID contracts with a service to maintain and improve the rights-of-way and medians in an effort to improve the look of the area.

Security Patrol

Off-duty Sheriff Deputies are hired to specifically patrol the EBID, and business owners are provided their direct contact information. This was done to improve safety for people living in the area and for those who come to eat and shop here.

Intersection Lighting Project

The EBID is increasing safety along Eisenhower Parkway by funding the installation of 29 additional streetlights.

Landscape Redesign of Interstate Exit 

The EBID worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation to redesign and improve Exit 3 on I-475. This included better landscaping and removing stands of trees that blocked drivers’ views of businesses.

The Wildflower Project

Wildflowers have been planted in medians along Eisenhower Parkway to improve the appearance of the District.

Blight Removal

Mayor Pro Tem Tillman and former County Commissioner Gary Bechtel used $150,000 from their District’s Blight Remediation Program allocation to clean up and clear out blighted or unsightly properties along Eisenhower.

About the Eisenhower Business Improvement District

The Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) represents an important movement by property owners and business leaders to establish a well-funded, professional organization. We continue to work to ensure the community maintains a positive perception of the Eisenhower retail corridor, supplements city services to raise the standard of excellence, and promotes businesses to respond to challenges from other competitive developments.

Furthermore, EBID plays a major role in the sustainability and growth of the Eisenhower retail corridor. EBID will provide immediate beautification, increased law enforcement presence, and recruitment of new businesses. The creation of EBID is absolutely critical and allows property owners the opportunity to improve the future of their business and the surrounding area.