community tax management


Samuel Wade McCord
Macon-Bibb Tax Commissioner
188 Third Street
Macon, GA 31201

Main Office:  (478) 621-6500

All motor vehicles whose owner resides in Macon-Bibb County must register and pay ad valorem taxes on each such vehicle prior to their birthday each year. Owners should receive a renewal form at least 30 days prior to their birthday. If you do not receive a renewal form, call one of our tag offices two or three weeks before your birthday and request that we mail you a renewal form. Renewals after your birthday are subject to penalty.

Please see the informational brochure, which is available in this office as well as in the office of the Board.








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Effective April 14th 2014: All new business license applications and renewal applications will be administered by Business Development Services located at 682 Cherry Street Suite 500 Macon Ga. 31201
Phone number 478-803-0470,