Business offices will be closed April 2-3, for software use beginning April 4

(Macon, GA – March 30, 2018) The Macon Water Authority (MWA) will be transitioning from a decades old Customer Service Software to a new Customer Billing and Financial Software System called Cayenta. The “go live” date for the new MWA software is Wednesday April 4, which will require the Authority to close its business office at 790 Second Street on Monday and Tuesday, April 2-3, for the implementation of the new technology.

The new Cayenta Software contains functions and features MWA customers have been requesting, according to customer service research and feedback collected by the Authority. The new software is highly configurable, integrating well with other MWA technologies and systems, providing streamlined workflows and automation, according to Authority officials.

One of the new features of the software expected to benefit customers greatly is the daily billing capability the Authority will possess. As a result, MWA customers will receive more consistent and timely bills, since invoices will be generated immediately following meter readings, rather than via a customer’s geographic zone, as the old software’s limitations required.

In addition, MWA customers will have access to a self-service account management portal, accessible 24 hours a day, with amenities such as historic water usage data, payment methods and scheduling options, an online means for starting, stopping, or transferring service, and more. Plus, customers can access a Live Chat feature to communicate with MWA Customer Care Representatives online in real time.

MWA residential customers are not the only ones expected to benefit from the Authority’s adoption of the new Cayenta Software. The MWA will offer vendors an improved method for submitting bids, while better managing contracts, documenting progress on projects, and processing invoices, for those awarded bids or conducting business with the Authority.

The new software will have additional management benefits for the MWA as well, according to officials, offering enhanced financial analysis and expense reporting, which should aid in decision making.

Finally, the Cayenta Software features a Multi-Level Approval process for the MWA that’s paperless, so invoices, purchase orders and requisitions can be exchanged digitally, reflecting the Authority’s commitment to financial and environmental stewardship.

Tony Rojas, MWA President and Executive Director, says the new Cayenta Software reflects the MWA’s core value of offering an enriched customer service experience through advancements in technology and innovation.

“This new software will improve our customer service and allow for employees to do their jobs more efficiently,” says Rojas. “Our goal is to provide customers with a more enriching customer service experience by meeting their needs through all of the amenities the new software will offer.”

More information on the new Cayenta Software is available by contacting Macon Water Authority Customer Care Representatives at 478-464-5600.