Macon-Bibb’s Animal Welfare will hold its third Midnight Miracle event on Friday, May 4 from 11:00 a.m. until midnight that night in order to find permanent or foster homes for stray and abandoned dogs and cats, and to relieve overcrowding in the shelter. To see all of the animals that are up for adoption, follow Animal Welfare on Facebook and Twitter.

During this time, adoption fees with be half price, so it will only cost $50 to bring home a dog and $37.50 for a cat (with an approved adoption application). This price also includes spay or neuter services, the city’s license fee, and a rabies shot.  The reduced fee is made possible thanks to sponsorships by Bland Roofing, Blues Painting and Home Repair, and The Pet Nanny, LLC.

“These wonderful animals would make amazing additions to families all over the state, and I want to thank our staff and partner groups that work so hard every day to find them homes,” says Shelter Manager Tracey Belew. “With our local stray population, though, we remain full constantly; as fast as we find them homes, more come to us. These lovable animals need your help.”

As of Tuesday, May 1, there were 98 dogs and 41 cats in the shelter, and it should only house 80 dogs and 40 cats. If they are unable to find homes for many of these animals, some will have to be euthanized to make rooms, per state law. The shelter has not had to euthanize an adoptable animal in two and a half years thanks to the work of the shelter staff, local and state rescue groups, and our community. The last Midnight Miracle was held in March 2018, and 40 dogs and 20 cats were adopted or fostered.

In addition to the adoption fee reduction, Go Dogs Go will be on hand throughout the day offering microchip services for pets for only $10. The process only takes 5-10 minutes, and it will be available to anyone that wants to bring their animal by the shelter. This service usually runs $50 or more.

“All animals we get at the shelter are scanned for a microchip, allowing us to reunite animals with their families much quicker,” says Shelter Manager Tracey Belew. “This is a great way to help protect that furry member of your family, and help find them should they get lost.”

The shelter will be working with the following groups to help find the animals more permanent homes.

Pixel Fund
All About Animals Rescue
Go Dogs Go
Rock on Rescue
Pawsome Southern Rescue
Furever After Rescue
Kitty City
Peach County Animal Rescue
Critical Care for Animal Angels
Barkers Good Pups
Maine Lab Rescue
Heart of Georgia
Houston County Humane Society
Circle of Friends