In early February, Macon-Bibb County’s Solid Waste Department was notified of two illegal dump sites by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Department crews removed 9.51 tons of solid waste and 115 scrap tires from the Sofkee Road site on January 28 and 29. Solid Waste, Public Works, and Parks & Beautification worked together on February 12, 16, and 23 on the Buena Vista site, removing 8.64 tons of solid waste and 868 scrap tires.

“Typically illegal dump sites aren’t created by people that live in the area but by someone outside the community,” says Public Works Director Steve Pettis. “This alone should be an incentive for neighborhoods to take pride in their community and everyone pitch in and do their part to help kept their community clean.”

“One goal of our community cleanup efforts is to not only make Macon-Bibb cleaner, but to regain and promote a sense of pride in the neighborhoods,” says Parks & Beautification Director Stephen Lawson. “We have large sites that did not happen overnight, and we need the help of the good people in our neighborhoods to stop the problems of illegal dumping.”

Directors from each of the departments are encouraging people to report illegal dumps and piles of debris to them using the SeeClickFix online and smartphone application or by calling Customer Service Desk at 478-751-7400. From July 1, 2014 through January 31, 2015, more than 130 issues related to illegal dumps have been reported to and tracked by Macon-Bibb through SeeClickFix.

Issue Reports
Illegal dumping 80
Debris 18
Tires 41
Total 139

“Illegal dumping is not just a blight on our community, it’s a safety issue. It leads to increased insect, mosquito, and rodent populations that can carry harmful viruses and disease.  Illegal dumps like the ones we just cleaned up can contaminate the soil and water as harmful chemicals and bacteria collect in the dirt and run into our streams, rivers, and lakes,” says Solid Waste Director Kevin Barkley. “It is everyone responsibility to report illegal dumping and properly dispose of all their waste.”

“One of our priorities has been to make significant headway in cleaning up our community, from litter pick up to providing trash cans for neighborhood cleanups to addressing the illegal dump issue,” says County Manager Dale Walker. “That effort has been led by these three departments working together, and our directors and employees are to be commended for recognizing the importance of this work.”

Buena Vista Avenue Before

Buena Vista Avenue Before

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Buena Vista Avenue After