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We Have Moved!

We are now located in the Historic Terminal Station. Our new physical and mailing address is:

Business Development Services

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200 Cherry Street, Suite 202

Macon, GA 31201

 Our office is located on the rear of the Terminal Station. To access our office, please use the available parking behind the building. 

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Welcome to the Macon-Bibb County Business License Division


Business Development Services, Business License Division is located at

200 Cherry Street, Suite 202, Macon, GA 31201

(478) 803-0470


Every business in Macon-Bibb County must apply for an Occupation Tax Certificate (Business License) and renew it annually. 

The Macon-Bibb County department of Business Development Services would like to remind business owners that the deadline for Business License Renewal Applications is April 01, 2019. In order to receive your Alcohol License by April 01, 2019, you must submit your completed Alcoholic Beverage Renewal application by February 01, 2019. Failure to renew by the annual April 01 deadline will result in a 10% penalty and monthly interest at 1.5%.


As a reminder, all Alcohol License customers are REQUIRED to have a 2019 General Business License before we can issue your 2019 Alcohol License.

In a continuing effort to save our citizens time and money, renewal applications are not mailed.  Please click on the “Applications” tab, at the top of the page, to access the 2019 license renewal applications.

We thank you for continuing to choose Macon-Bibb County as the place to do business!



All Licenses expire:                            December 31

Submit Alcohol License renewal:       February 01

Business License renewal:                  April 01


Please have the following information available to successfully complete your renewal application:

  • Federal Tax ID number
  • Georgia Sales Tax ID number
  • Number of Employees
  • Copy of State Issued Professional License (if applicable)
  • Notarized S.A.V.E. Affidavit (If you are not an American citizen, you must provide your legal Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization Card, or other authorizing documentation for verification by The Department of Homeland Security.)

Incomplete applications will be returned.


 Please click on the “Applications” tab to access the 2019 license applications.


Macon-Bibb County welcomes your business to our community.

If you would like to apply for a new Occupation Tax Certificate (Business License) or Alcohol license, please contact our office to request an application. Every business in Macon-Bibb County must apply for a Business License and renew it annually.

Please contact the Business License Division by calling 478-803-0470.



(Please click Download button to download the application)

Alcohol Handler License Application Download

Alcoholic Beverage License Change of Agent Application Download

Revised Alcohol Ordinance Download

2019 General Business License Renewal  Download

2019 Alcoholic Beverage Renewal Application  Download

Bail Bonding Application  Download

Billiard or Pool Hall Application  Download

Dance Hall Application  Download

Fortune Teller Application  Download

Massage Therapist Parlor Application   Download

Pawn Broker Application   Download

Precious Metals and Gems Application  Download

Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit Application  Download

Sunday Sales Permit Application  Download

Macon-Bibb Country Business Development Services

2019 Alcohol License Fees

Below is the listing of fees that have been approved by County Commission

License Description Amount
Manufacturer of Malt Beverages $1,800.00
Manufacturer of Wine $1,400.00
Manufacturer of Distilled Spirits $2,700.00
Wholesaler of Malt Beverages $1,000.00
Wholesaler of Wine $700.00
Wholesaler of Distilled Spirits $3,600.00
Wholesaler of Malt Beverages, Wine, and Distilled Spirits by an Out of Town Wholesaler $100.00
Retail sale of Malt Beverages (Consumed on Premises) $600.00
Retail sale of Malt Beverages (Packaged to Go) $600.00
Retail sale of Wine (Consumed on Premises) $500.00
Retail sale of Wine (Packaged to Go) $500.00
Retail sale of Distilled Spirits (Consumed on Premises) $2,500.00
Retail sale of Distilled Spirits (Packaged to Go) $2,500.00
Alcoholic Beverage Caterer (includes Malt Beverages, Wine, and Distilled Spirits) $500.00
Special Event Permit (Per Day) $50.00
Special Event Permit for Non-Profit Organization (Per Day) $25.00
Home Brew Special Event Permit (Per Day) $50.00
Brewpub $1,700.00
Malt Beverage Taproom $1,700.00
Cocktail Room $1,700.00
Brown Bagging Permit for Malt Beverages, Wine, or Distilled Spirits, or any combination thereof $300.00
Wine-Tasting Permit $300.00
Sunday Sales Permit $300.00
Temporary Alcohol License $100.00
Alcohol Handler’s License $25.00