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Construction permits are issued at the Macon-Bibb County Department of Business Development Services Monday -Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.
For more information or questions, we can be reached at or by calling 478-803-0468.

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Building Permits
Property Maintenance
General Contractor Application  Download
The Permitting Process  Download
120 Day Electrical Approval  Download
Authorized Permit Agent  Download
Commercial Projects Plan Submittal Requirements  Download
Demolition Asbestos Affidavit Requirements  Download
Family Day Care Home Occupancies  Download
Architect Engineer Energy Code Compliance  Download
Hydrostatic Test Affidavit  Download
Owner Contractor Energy Code Affidavit  Download
Owner Occupant Affidavit  Download
Single Trade Application  Download
Sub Contractor Affidavit  Download
Swimming Pool Affidavit  Download

Web links for building codes:

A 24 hr. notice is required before any
non-emergency inspections will be scheduled. Request for inspections must be called in directly to Assigned Inspector.

Inspections can be requested via email. The following Inspectors and corresponding email addresses are available. If you do not know which inspector to contact, you can look them up by street HERE.

Chief Building Inspector, Emory Yarbrough –

Building Inspector, Jonathan Chambless –

Chief Electrical Inspector, Michael Barnes –

Electrical Inspector, Kevin Kent –

Mechanical Inspector, Andy Pitrowski –

Plumbing Inspector, Scott Dibble –

Plumbing Inspector, Jason Woodward –

Inspector’s territories are defined geographically.  Click HERE to get a list by street.