Macon-Bibb County Municipal Court

Rights Form


I am the defendant in the Accusation(s) noted above. I am not presently under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am not suffering from any disability which would prevent me from understanding what I am doing. I have been advised of the charges(s) filed against me and the maximum punishment provided by law, including the possibility of going to jail, either as a part of the original sentence or later should I violate my probation or suspended sentence.

I understand that the State has the burden of proving the charges pending against me. I may plead guilty, nolo contendere (under certain circumstances) or plead not guilty and request a trial. I understand that Macon-Bibb County Municipal Court has bench trials. I may request a jury trial by stating I wish to plead not guilty and requesting a jury trial. Upon request of a jury trial, my charges will be bound over to State Court so that I may proceed with a jury trial.

I understand I have the right to be represented by an attorney at all stages of the criminal process including trial. I further understand that if I desire to be represented by an attorney and cannot afford to hire one myself then I have the right to have an attorney appointed by the Court to represent me and paid for by Macon-Bibb County. I understand the Court will ask me to provide information about my financial status if I request an appointed attorney.

I further understand that I have the right to waive (give up) my right to a retained or appointed attorney and to represent myself. I fully understand and appreciate the dangers of representing myself, including the possibility of being sentenced to time in jail. I understand that the maximum punishment under the law for each misdemeanor charge is twelve (12) months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1000, however if the misdemeanor is of a I understand that an attorney can be helpful to me in explaining my rights in more detail, in investigating my case, and in helping me to decide what plea I should enter in the case. I understand an attorney has education and experience concerning the rules of evidence and procedure as enforced in court, how to select a jury if I desire a jury trial, how to decide about trial strategies as to the calling and examination of witnesses and whether I should testify on my own behalf, and how to properly preserve and transcribe issues for appeal. I understand I may have defenses for which an attorney can be helpful in evaluating and presenting, such as reliance on the presumption of innocence, justification, alibi, and misidentification.

With the benefit of the advice and information provided above, as further explained to me by the Court, I now elect as follows (as shown by the placement of my initials on the appropriate line):

This day of , 20 .
Defendant’s Signature

The Court hereby finds that Defendant has been fully informed about his right to be represented by an attorney, retained or appointed, and that Defendant’s selection, as noted above, has been made knowingly and voluntarily.