Macon-Bibb County Municipal Court

Online Arraignment or Trial Request Form


I am aware and understand that I may request to handle the citation(s) listed above by attending court online. By submission of this form, I am requesting to handle my matter using the online process.

I will receive an email with the date, time, and link for my arraignment, hearing or trial. All online matters are recorded.

I have read and will follow the rules regarding online hearings which are posted on the court website.

I understand that my arraignment, hearing or trial is a matter of public record and members of the public may request to observe the proceeding.

I understand that failure to appear for my online arraignment, hearing or trial on the designated date and time can result in a contempt of court charge and a failure to appear fine of $140.00, just as it would if I failed to appear in court in person. This includes failing to appear on time.

By signing below, and providing a valid email address, I request that the court schedule my arraignment or trial to take place online utilizing the specified online platform.

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