Bid #: 14-012-ND

Bid Name: Reconstruct Road – Full Depth Reclamation (2014)

Notice is hereby given that the Macon-Bibb County Board of Commissioners will receive sealed bids in the Procurement Department, Suite 800, Macon-Bibb Government Center Annex, 682 Cherry Street, Macon, Georgia 31201, until 12:00 o’clock NOON at the time legally prevailing in Macon, Georgia on Thursday, May 5, 2014 for Reconstruct Road – Full Depth Reclamation (2014) for the Macon-Bibb County Engineering Department, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia.


Bids will be publicly opened in the Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department Conference Room on Thursday, May 5, 2014 at 2:00 pm.

Bid Bond

Bids, in order to be considered, shall be accompanied by a bid bond, payable to the Owner, in amount not less than five-percent (5%) of the total base bid.

This bid security shall become payable to the Owner only if the bidder, to whom award is made, should fail to execute a contract with the Owner and furnish bond and insurance in accordance with terms of the contract within ten (10) days after notification of award.

Envelopes shall be identified on the outside as “Bid 14-012-ND – RECONSTRUCT ROAD – FDR (2014)” and delivered by hand or mailed to:

Macon-Bibb County Procurement Department

Suite 800, 682 Cherry Street

Macon, Georgia 31201


No bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after time has been called on date of bid opening.

Contract Award

The contract, if awarded, will be based on total bid price.

Guidelines in the award of this contract will be Section 36-10-2.2, Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

Upon award of the Contract, a pre-construction meeting will be held to discuss the project and to establish a schedule of work.


Whereas the anticipated contracted price exceeds $5,000, the bidder to whom award is made shall submit a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond, both in amount of one-hundred-percent (100%) of the contract price.

Bid Document: 14-012-ND_BID – Reconstruct Road – Full Depth Reclamation (2014)

Specifications: 14-012-ND_Attachment A – Specifications

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Bid Tabulation: 14-012-ND Bid Tabulation

Award: Approved Resolution